Taleris Lunch and Learn Programs

You’ve gotta eat…so, we’ll bring you lunch and…

…you could learn something valuable at the same time.

Taleris can provide your company with quick, effective training sessions, designed to help you improve your financial life…all while you have lunch—which we supply. There are no sales pitches, just information on topics that matter to you, like:

  • Eliminating your debt forever;
  • Understanding your credit score and,
  • Budgeting 101

“I truly enjoyed the lunch and learn. I am trying to put your practical approach to eliminating my debt and taking control of money…into practice.”

These sessions are completely free, and offered to our Corporate Partners, companies with 10 employees or more. Your company not a Corporate Partner yet? We can fix that. Just CLICK HERE to find out more.

To schedule a Lunch and Learn at your location, use the contact form below, or call Rick Zimmerman at 216.739.2335, or email him at rzimmerman@taleriscu.org. Sign up for the Lunch and Learn of your choice, set up a date and time with us, and we’ll bring pizza when we show up.

Copies of the Lunch and Learn presentations are available by clicking the links below:

Eliminating Your Debt
Understanding Your Credit Report
Budgeting 101

“…your financial program on credit reports did not disappoint.  I am certain you helped protect the finances of more than one of us!”

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