You Belong to a Credit Union

Credit Unions are Something Special

And, you’re a part of it.  Because of the range of financial services we offer our members, it might be easy to think of us as just another bank. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Credit Unions are Cooperatives

Credit Unions, even though they offer the products and services of a bank are not banks…and the difference between them is critical. Credit Unions began as a movement to provide financial services and loans to the every day working folks that banks had virtually no interest in helping. Credit Unions are cooperatives, owned by their members and governed by volunteer boards. You may join a Credit Union because their auto loan rates are better, but when you join you become part of something much larger.

Founded on the principle of ‘people helping people,’ credit unions, like Taleris, are dedicated to helping their members thrive even in difficult financial times.  Banks are dedicated to making profit for investors.