Savings & Investment

Statement Savings Account

Your Regular Share Savings Account is your first step in building a relationship with us. Your initial deposit of at least $5.00 is your key to membership and ownership in Taleris Credit Union. Your account earns interest and you can make regular contributions with our Payroll Deduct / Direct Deposit programs. Deposits can be made in person, by mail, payroll deduction, night depository, and direct deposit.

  • $100 Minimum Deposit required to earn dividends
  • Rate adjusted monthly
  • Dividends calculated daily
  • Paid quarterly

Term Share Certificates

Banks call them Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Credit Unions call them Term Share Certificates. Whatever you call them, Certificates are excellent investments with the added benefit of having minimum risk. And right now, ours have unbeatable rates of return.

Certificates offer higher interest than regular savings accounts and they are a far safer investment than the stock market. Share Certificates offer a guaranteed rate over a specific amount of time. With terms varying from 3 months to 5 years, certificates also offer a wide range of investment options .

Taleris Certificates require a minimum $500 deposit and dividends are paid quarterly. CALL 800.828.6446 NOW to lock in a great rate for your investment. For a look at our current Term Share Certificate rates, CLICK HERE.

Holiday Savings

Plan ahead for the Holiday Season with a Holiday Savings Account. You can make deposits automatically by Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit, in person, or by transfer, using Teller24 or Teller24e. When the Holidays approach, your account balance is transferred to your Checking or Savings Account … all for your holiday convenience! No need to borrow for the Holidays – you’ve already planned ahead!

  • Just $50 each month gives you $600 plus dividends at holiday time!
  • Dividends calculated daily, and paid quarterly

IRA (Individual Retirement Account)


Certificate IRA’s: Much like the Taleris Term Share Certificates, our Certificate IRAs offer a broad range of deposit rates and account terms ranging from three (3) months to sixty (60) months with a minimum deposit of $500.00. This provides an opportunity to take advantage of a potentially higher interest rate based on the term(s) chosen, and numerous added investment options. (You can not make additional deposits into this account prior to maturity. If you withdraw funds from a Certificate IRA, during the term, you may be subject to an account penalty and federal withholding may apply. However you may open as many Certificate IRAs as necessary for your retirement needs.)

IRA Savings Account: This account has a minimum deposit of $100 and, like a standard Taleris Savings Account, has no specific term or maturity date.  Therefore it carries no account penalty for early withdrawals (Federal Withholding may apply). The IRA Savings is good for anyone required to (at age 70½ and over), or someone choosing to, make withdrawals from their IRA since no account penalty is assessed. It is also advantageous for anyone currently, or planning to, make frequent deposits or have direct deposits/payroll deductions deposited to their IRA.

For more written details on these investment options please refer to our Truth in Savings disclosure.  For our current rates, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions on your current IRA, questions on our new IRA investment options, or if you are thinking about opening a new IRA, our Member Services Representatives would be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us during normal business hours at 800.828.6446 or216.739.2300 (follow the prompts). We look forward to serving you.

Money Market Share Accounts

A Taleris Money Market Account combines the benefits of a CD and a regular savings account. Unlike CD’s, where you have to wait to withdraw your funds until the maturity date, you can make withdrawals anytime you’d like. There is a $100.00 minimum deposit required to open a Taleris Money Market Account and it is possible to earn higher interest rates depending on the balance in your account!

As a TCU Money Market Account holder, you are permitted up to six (6) withdrawals or transfers during any statement period. The first three (3) transactions are available to you at no charge. A $3.00 fee per transaction will be charged to the account after the third transaction.

  • Rate adjusted weekly
  • Dividends calculated daily
  • Paid monthly

Youth Accounts

Now is the time to teach your kids the importance of saving money. Taleris Credit Union will help you set up a savings plan for your children and guide them on the way to developing financial habits that will carry into their future. For more information on Youth Savings, call a Taleris Member Service Representative at 216.739.2300 or 800.828.6446 today! It’s never too soon to start your child saving for their future.