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Taleris is a full service financial institution…which happens to be a credit union.  And, because we are a credit union, membership comes with benefits.  Some of those benefits are listed here.  Click on them for more information about each one.

ATM Networks

Taleris members have access to thousands of fee-free and reduced fee ATMs all over the country. Find one near you.

Shared Branches

Taleris members have access to more than 5,000 Shared Credit Union branches across the country.


Discounted Insurance

Taleris members can get discounted rates on home, health, life and car insurance.


Best Benefits Club

Taleris members can get discounts on everything from amusement parks to flowers.

You Belong

A Credit Union is more than just a bank; it’s part of a movement.  The movement is built on a very simple idea: people helping people.

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