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Taleris is a full service financial institution.

We provide Savings, Checking and Club accounts, and a wide array of investment accounts.  Everything you need to manage your finances is right here.

All Taleris accounts are accessible online through Teller 24e or with our Mobile Branch. You can transfer money from one account to another, make payments and check balances from anywhere, 24 hours a day. All or part of your income can be deposited directly into any—or several—of your Taleris accounts.

Checking Accounts

Free checking with our Basic Checking Account. Click for more.

Savings & Investment

Everything you need to save and invest for the future.

Reloadable Debit Cards

No credit check, no hassle.

Credit & Debit Cards

Apply for the cards you need.

Club Accounts

Our Holiday and Vacation Club accounts make saving all year a breeze.

Re-Order Checks

Click to re-order your checks online.

Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction

Payroll, pension, dividends, and Social Security checks may be deposited directly into your Taleris accounts. You can even have the deposit split into several accounts if you choose.  For example, if you would like the bulk of your check to go into savings… but you’d like just a little to go into a holiday account.

Direct Deposit begins with your Payroll Department. They will supply you with the correct form to fill out. Let them know you would like all or a portion of your check directly deposited in your Taleris account. You will need to know the Taleris routing number and your account number.

The Taleris Credit Union Routing Number


Account numbers on a sample check

If your income comes from another source, Social Security for example, contact them directly for the correct form. To contact the Social Security Administration, call them at: 800.772.1213 toll free.


You can call us during regular business hours at 800.828.6446, or use the contact form below to reach the Member Services Department.