Today, Friday August 4, 2017, the access drive onto E. Granger Road is blocked due to construction.  You can still get to Taleris, you just have to use a different access drive.

If you are coming from the West, instead of turning onto E. Granger from the access drive by our big street sign, continue on to the red light (Valley Belt Road) and turn left. Make an immediate left onto E. Granger Road.  We are just a little further down.

If you are coming from the East, turn Right on Valley Belt Road and then an immediate left onto E. Granger.  Valley Belt Road is at the red light before the access drive you would usually turn onto.

For a map view of these roads, CLICK HERE.  The link will open in a new window to Google Maps.

We are VERY sorry for the inconvenience but, apparently, the city liked the gas line that they installed in May so much that they decided to dig it up again.