19 Month Certificate SpecialSorry, This Special Ended February 13, 2017

For A Limited Time

We’ve got a 19 Month Certificate at a rate of 1.30% APY*.  This won’t be available forever, so don’t delay.  Term Share Certificates are far safer than the stock market and pay higher interest than a regular Share Savings Account.  Plus, at 19 months, your money won’t be tied up for an extended period.

Some restrictions apply, so give Member Services a call today at:  800.828.6446 or email info@taleriscu.org.


*APY =  Annual Percentage Yield.  The Annual Percentage Rate is 1.294%.  All current and new members are eligible. Members must invest a minimum or $10,000 of money already in a Taleris Account or a Minimum of $20,000 of money that is not currently in a Taleris account or that has been deposited in a Taleris Account within the last 30 Days.