Survey WinnersDue to an incredible lack of initiative on my own part, I have neglected to announce the winners of our last 6 (yes, six) surveys.  I would like to correct that now.

  • Tricia T. won a $50 Visa Gift Card for participating in our November 2016 Survey
  • Terri H. gets a Kindle Fire Tablet for participating in the December 2016 Survey
  • John C. gets a $50 Visa Gift Card for filling out our January 2017 Survey
  • Jerome F. also gets a Kindle Fire for participating in the February 2017 Survey
  • Faith V. wins a $50 Visa Gift Card for saying hello in our Just Say Hello Survey, and
  • Tavitta K. gets an Echo Dot for participating in our April 2017 Survey

Thank you to all of our winners and to all of the members who participated in our surveys.  We really do listen to what our members say, and the surveys have been giving us a direct line of communication.  So thanks.  And, thank you all for being Taleris members.  Without you, there is no us.

ps. I promise to announce the winner of the latest survey the week of August 21st.  We should have a new survey up in September.