Student and Youth Programs

Saving is serious. No one said it couldn't be fun.

It’s never too soon

Managing money is generally not taught in elementary school, and often not even in high school.  As a result, developing good savings habits often comes late in life—and is just as often followed by panic about the future.

We think that can, and should, be avoided.  So, we have programs for young adults, teens and younger children that can help them develop good financial habits…and have some fun at the same time.  We also have a scholarship program that awards $1,000 to two deserving students every year.

Young Adults

MoneyAndStuff program for Young Adults.

Teen (13 - 18)

The Claim Your Youth program for teens, ages 13 to 18.

Kids (2 - 12)

The Kirby Kangaroo Club for kids aged 2 through 12.

College Planning

A little help if you want to some higher education.

Joseph W. Coleman Memorial Scholaship Award

Taleris Scholarships

The Joseph W. Coleman Memorial Scholarships.  Taleris provides two, $1,000 Scholarships every year.