Taleris Checking and Savings Accounts offer Members More Choices and Better Options than ever before.

Here’s a few features we think you’ll like:

Our Basic Checking Account has NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIREMENT and NO MONTHLY ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE FEES. There is no charge for writing checks and you get unlimited signature based debit card transactions. You also get 3 free ATM transactions per month. The only requirement is a single, monthly direct deposit or ACH transaction in any amount to this account. It can be a direct deposit from your payroll or from Social Security, or you can transfer money from any other account you may have at any other financial institution. It’s that easy!

Our Classic Checking Account pays you interest no matter what your balance may be and has added benefits like ten free ATM and PIN based transactions per month. In addition, if you open a New Classic Checking Account you’ll receive a free box of checks! In order to avoid the monthly maintenance fee for this account, you have to keep an AVERAGE balance of $500 in this account over the course of any given month, or have $10,000 in Total Combined Balances of ALL your Deposit Accounts AND Loans.

We also make it MUCH EASIER to save money and avoid the monthly maintenance fee in our Primary Savings Account. First of all, if you have a Taleris checking account, Basic or Classic, the monthly maintenance fee is automatically waived. Secondly, if you don’t have a Taleris checking account, we’ve reduced the minimum balance requirement, so now you only have to AVERAGE $100 in this account over the course of any given month to avoid the fee! Plus, the monthly maintenance fee can be waived if you make a single monthly direct deposit to this account or you’re under the age of 25.

New Checking and Savings at Taleris. Simple. Better.