Sorry. This Offer Ended July 31, 2013

You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Not only do we have the area’s premier rates on Certificates, for a limited time we are also running two special Certificate promotions.

19 Month Certificate Special

Earn 1.15% APY* on a special 19 month Term Share Certificate.

31 month Certificate Special

Earn 1.50% APY* on a special 31 month Term Share Certificate.

Why put money in Certificates?

Term Share Certificates offer higher interest rates than regular savings accounts and they are a far safer investment than the stock market.

Dare to Compare!

We’re also giving you an easy way to see for yourself how good our Certificate rates are. Just CLICK HERE for links to other local banks and credit unions to see their rates on certificates. Don’t take our word for it, compare for yourself.

More Information

Banks call them Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Credit Unions call them Term Share Certificates, but whatever you call them, Taleris has the area’s premier rates.  To find out more, call us at 800.828.6446.  You can send us a message by CLICKING HERE. For complete terms and disclosures, CLICK HERE.


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Requires $1,000 minimum deposit. Limited time only. Early withdrawal penalties apply. For full details and disclosures, CLICK HERE.