Every year, the staff here has a lunch to honor our favorite guy, Tommy D’Amico. Organized by the lovely Lorri Osinsky, the staff contributes money, the cooks brings in favorite dishes and the non-cooks bring in buns and condiments and plates. We get to enjoy the food (grilled to perfection by our master chef Mike Conrad), and each other’s company—plus we get to see Tommy and his family.

We call it the Tommy lunch. We look forward to it every year.

Tommy is a joyous guy, animated and fun to be around. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and has battled through obstacles and hardships most of us can’t even imagine. With incredibly hard work and the support of his family, Tommy has made progress that was unimaginable when he was born—and inspirational to those around him. The proceeds of the lunch go to help, in a very small way, the struggles Tommy and his family continue through. We are very proud to have Tommy as our friend. Like I said, he’s our favorite guy.