Tell Us What you Think

Thank you to everyone who completed our fourth survey.  And, congratulations to Albert B. of Brecksville who won a $25 Visa® Gift Card.

The surveys are quick and easy and only take a minute to complete… the current one is only one question. Why surveys? Because we really want to improve our products and services and, to do that, we need to know what our members think about them.

And, there’s the incentive…

Every time you complete a survey, you are entered into a drawing for a Visa® Gift Card or a Kindle Fire tablet. We’ll have a drawing after every survey
period (roughly 2 weeks).  You can only complete each survey one time (per member), but you can complete as many different surveys as you wish—we’re shooting for one survey every 2 weeks. The more information we get back from you, the better we like it.


To complete the survey, CLICK HERE. All surveys will be installed on that page, so you may want to bookmark it. You can let us know what you think about the surveys, or if you think there are topics we should be asking about.