What’s not to like?

Taleris does some limited distribution TV commercials, and just in case you’d like to see how your Credit Union presents itself, we’ve posted our last three  ads below.  To keep things economically viable for us (cheap) we produce these ads in-house on our computers.  So, ok, they’re commercials; but we kind of like them.  Let us know what you think, and we’ll let you know when we make more. (Don’t forget to turn on your speakers…)

Auto rates as low as 1.49% apr

[videojs mp4=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/autoloan-149.mp4″ poster=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/opening-Auto149.jpg” width=”648″ height=”360″]

We have Loans

[videojs mp4=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/talerisloans_2.mp4″ poster=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/openingLoan.jpg” width=”648″ height=”360″]

Get to Know Us

[videojs mp4=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/talerisDogs.mp4″ poster=”https://www.taleriscu.org/video/openingDog.jpg” width=”648″ height=”360″]