The update to Teller 24e requires that you, for security reasons, make your first log on from a laptop or desktop computer…not from a mobile device. The same is true for our Bill Pay program. Once that is done, you ought to be able to log in to both services, no problem.

However…there is an issue which concerns Bill Pay—affecting only your mobile device. Right now, when you try to log on to Bill Pay from a mobile device, you will receive a message that you must first register on a desktop or laptop computer…even when you have already done so. This means, currently, you can not access Bill Pay from your mobile device. We’ve had calls from a few members asking what they are doing wrong…well, it’s not you.

For the time being, you must access Bill Pay from your laptop or desktop computer. In order to access Bill Pay from your mobile device, you (for now) must first access the web site, and click on the Teller 24e Log In link from the Quick Links. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we are working (very hard) to fix the problem. We will notify you here in the blog and via email when the problem is resolved. Again, we apologize.