Tell us what you think.

Twice a month, we’ll be posting a short, one or two question survey for you to take a look at. We really need member participation in these surveys, so we will keep them quick and easy — they should only take a minute to complete. Why are we doing this? Because we really want to improve our products and services and, to do that, we need to know what our members think about them.

Plus, we’re offering an incentive

Every time you complete a survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Visa® Gift Card or a Kindle Fire tablet. We’ll have a drawing after every survey Kindle Fire Tabletperiod (2 weeks).  You can only complete each survey one time (per member), but you can complete as many different surveys as you wish—we’re shooting for one survey every 2 weeks. The more information we get back from you, the better we like it.

So, Let’s Get Started!

To complete the survey, CLICK HERE. All surveys will be installed on that page, so you may want to bookmark it. You can let us know what you think about the surveys, or if you think there are topics we should be asking about.

By the way, this is new for us so there may be glitches. If you encounter any problems with the surveys, let us know and we will correct them as quickly as possible.  One glitch we already know about is that the survey will allow you to submit it multiple times (instead of the legal once). BUT DON’T DO IT. The rules are ONE ENTRY PER MEMBER PER SURVEY.  So, if you submit multiple entries, you are disqualified from the drawing.  NOTE: This glitch is (probably) now fixed.  Please let us know if it gives you trouble, thanks.

Maybe we should have a survey about the surveys…ok, maybe not…