Did you have to pay a penalty on your taxes for not having Health Insurance? Even though the open enrollment period for the federal health exchanges ended in February, a new, special enrollment period is now available.

The period runs from March 15 until April 30, 2015, but there are some restrictions:  It is for anyone who has not enrolled in health insurance, owed a fee for not having coverage in 2014, and can verify that they were not aware of the tax penalty until after the open enrollment period ended in February.

If that sounds like you, our Insurance partners at TruStage may be able to help. CLICK HERE to access the TruStage web site.* At the right hand side of the opening page, you’ll see a link to more information about the extended enrollment period. Remember, Taleris members get a discount with TruStage, so if you sign up for insurance, make sure they know you are a Taleris member.

Good luck. Having to pay a penalty for not having insurance is bad, but not having insurance when you really need it is much worse.

*The link will open in a new tab and take you to a site maintained by TruStage.