Fraud Alert

Members, myself included, have been getting telephone calls recently warning of a problem with your account…or with your credit card…or with a check that has been issued in your name…and all of them are fraudulent.

Remember, NEVER give your account number, social security number, password or any other personally identifiable piece of information to anyone who calls you on the phone claiming that your account is in jeopardy.  If there was a problem with your account, we would contact you…but we already know your account number…we would not need to ask.

No Taleris representative will ever call you and ask for your account number or credit card number or password over the phone.  No legitimate representative of any financial institution will do that either.

Don’t be fooled.  Never give someone you don’t know ANY personal or financial information over the phone or over the web.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of crooks out there, looking to spend your hard earned cash or to create accounts for themselves using your name and financial information.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800.828.6446.  The best advice, however, is to be careful with all your personal and financial information.

To learn more about how these scamming frauds work, CLICK HERE.