Don’t Tax My Credit Union

This coming Friday, July 26, is the deadline for lawmakers to submit their tax reform proposals to Finance Committee leaders, who will then take those suggestions to create a comprehensive proposal for a new U.S. tax code. Repealing the tax exempt status of credit unions may be among those proposals.

As a credit union member, we need to send a strong message to our lawmakers that the tax exempt status of credit unions is vitally important and would negatively impact millions of individuals should it be repealed.

To support the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union message, credit union supporters are asked to tweet “#DontTaxMyCU,” aimed at their lawmakers in both the Senate and the House on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.

If you have a Twitter account,go to This link opens in a new window and directs you to a site maintained by Here you’ll find a full list of Twitter handles for all U.S. Senate and House members. Just look for your state and click on the link next to your representative. You will be directed right to their Twitter page. From there you can log in to your account and send them a message.

Keep your tweet simple like, “I support my credit union. Please #DontTaxMyCU @ (Twitter handle of your senator/congressman here) #DontTaxTuesday.”

If you don’t have a Twitter account, simply log on to sign up, and follow the instructions above.

Thanks for supporting your credit union!