Looking for a faster browser for your Android tablet?

Android web browsers are getting better. Not great, but better. Each one has its pros and cons, leaving it up to you to decide which one works best for you. We didn’t put these in any particular order, so try them all and see which one you like.

Dolphin Browser:

This is one of the most popular and, at the same time, fastest browsers ever released for Android devices. It features tabbed browsing along with Dolphin Connect, it allows you to sync and send contents between your mobile and desktop browsers.

Dolphin Browser has been installed over fifty million times, the Connect feature allows you to send links, phone numbers, maps and almost any other files from your desktop to your smartphone using desktop browser extensions. You can sync history, passwords, bookmarks and open all the tabs that are currently running on all the other synced devices. The Wi-Fi Broadcast functions permits users to share links with their Dolphin friends using the nearby wi-fi connection. Also, Sonar is the ‘voice search’ function and you can simply say a word and Dolphin will proceed to give you related results.

It also features ‘gestures’, add-ons that can be used to add extensions to your Dolphin Browser for Android app. You can configure favorite mobile web pages using the Speed Dial function. The Dolphin Browser keeps on receiving updates almost weekly and you won’t ever get outdated by any other Android web browser. It packs a user friendly interface, which means that in case you didn’t use it until now, then you will be able to learn fast how to get your way around it.

UC Browser for Android:

My personal favorite. The main feature of this small browser is the ‘adaptable setup’ feature, which allows users to adjust their browsing styles and create separate configurations for multiple network connections. It has been downloaded already by over eight million users worldwide and the number should rise as the browser keeps on getting updates and new features constantly.

Some other great features of UC Browser for your Android device are these: Multi-touch support for gestures and commands, a download manager that allows you to grab files from all over the web faster. Quick Reads is another option that you can enable to grab RSS feeds. The other important functions you’ll find in UC Browser are: Vox – control the app using voice; AutoFill – it will show suggestions as you type a word in the address field; Night Mode – when enabled, it will offer you a better browsing experience in a dark environment.

Firefox Browser for Android:

The mobile version of last decade’s most popular desktop web browser is now available for Android devices. It packs all the features from the desktop variant and it can easily become your favorite browsing tool for when you’re playing with your phone or tablet.

More than fifty million users worldwide have installed this application, which is a smoother alternative to Dolphin Browser. It has been released by Mozilla as a ‘fast, smart and safe’ application for all Android users who want to browse the world wide web from their smartphones. It is highly customizable as you can add Add-ons/ extensions, Awesome Screen functions that allows users to set favorite websites and an easy to use page. Awesome Bar is another great feature along with Sync functions that yo can use to Sync the mobile variant of Firefox with the Desktop variant.

Sync function will bring all the bookmarks, history, passwords, bookmarks and opened tabs from your desktop Firefox browser and to your mobile Firefox app. The Reader Mode will change the layout of web pages and offer you the possibility to read them much easier. There are tons of other great features and, since the app is free then you should give it a test.

Opera Mobile web browser:

Opera Mobile is one of the oldest web browsers out there and now it has reached the Android smartphones. This web browser comes with an interface that has been easily adapted from Desktop version to mobile UI. It isn’t the most popular Android web browser, but it still features syncing features for any part of your device.

Opera Link allows you to sync your desktop browser with your mobile one. You can sync Speed Dial screens, bookmarks, tabs and multiple others. It has built-in support for Twitter and Facebook sharing. Other features are the text wrapping to zoom, page size and orientation. One of the best features of Opera is the Opera Turbo functions.

When enabled, the Turbo feature will help you save data by detecting slow connection and compressing websites using Opera Software Turbo servers. All these will reduce the download size for your device, which is great for phones that are getting slow internet connection.

Boat Browser:

This is an Android web browser that is fully customizable as you will be able to change the buttons locations and install add-ons that will enhance your internet browsing experience. Customizing Boat Browser is easy to do as you can easily set Volume Buttons to switch between tabs or even scroll web pages.

It has support for installing new themes from Boat Browser development team. Add-ons will bring you support for multiple other functions and you will find them by opening the app and checking the ‘add-ons’ menu. The Bookmarks Manager tool has support for creating new folders, drag /drop contents, delete / import / export and sync multiple files at the same time. Also, the developers of Boat Browser will add Chrome bookmarks sync support soon.

ONE Browser:

One of the highest rated Android web browser out there. It packs tons of features that you can use to download ringtones, wallpapers, apps, videos, news and more with a single click using ONE App Center. Those who made this ONE Browser stated that this is one of the fastest Android internet browsing tool.

Other features of ONE browser are as following: Private Mode – use this as the ‘incognito mode’ of Chrome, all the web pages you visit will not be stored in the browsers history; auto-complete url, speed dial, bookmarks, download manager; Evernote integration, Sharing functions, Night Mode, Multi-window management, QR Code support.

ONE Browser has been created by Tencent Mobile International Ltd and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store here. It works with any device running Android 2.1 or later versions. It is free to use and fast when it comes to browsing the web. If you didn’t knew about it until now, then you should give it a test run and decided for yourself.

Chrome Browser – Google:

Everyone knows the Google Chrome browser for Android as it is surely one of the most used applications on mobile devices. Over one hundred million users have been downloading this application and it is the perfect companion app for your Android.

You can enter your Google account details and sign it into your Desktop Chrome variant and then sing in into the mobile version and, every single thing will be automatically synced between both devices. Chrome for Android will not work with older Android phones and this might be a low-point.

It is a fast and one of the most reliable Android web browsing tools for you Google users. The desktop ‘incognito mode’ is there and no info will be stored while using it. Since Google dropped flash support, it means that you won’t be able to play any videos. However, if you find a YouTube video, then you will redirected by the phone to the corresponding app.