Dear Taleris Members,

I would like to thank you, on behalf of all of us here at Taleris Credit Union, for your continued support of your Credit Union. For over 76 years, it has been our pleasure and honor to serve you and we look forward to continuing to do so in the years to come.

October 18th is a very special day for Credit Unions across the world and one which we are happy to be a part of. International Credit Union Day is celebrated around the world each year to acknowledge the history and the mission of the Credit Union movement. It’s all about people helping people. Let me share a little history with you about Credit Unions and International Credit Union Day.

Credit Unions evolved from the cooperative activities of early 19th century Europe. The first of these cooperatives was an 1844 marketing cooperative organized by a group of workers in England. Over the years, Credit Unions spread to communities around the world. In the early 1900s, Alphonse Desjardins started a Credit Union in Quebec and shortly thereafter he helped establish credit unions in the United States.

As time passed, a desire emerged to establish an annual occasion to acknowledge both the Credit Unions’ important role in creating opportunity for their members and communities and the achievements of pioneers who laid the foundation for ongoing Credit Union success. On January 17, 1927, the Credit Union League of Massachusetts celebrated the first official holiday called Credit Union Day for Credit Union members and workers. Unfortunately, after a brief trial period, Credit Union Day quietly disappeared.

In 1948, the U.S. Credit Union National Association (CUNA) decided to initiate a new national Credit Union Day celebration. CUNA set aside the third Thursday of October as the national day of observance. By then, many more of America’s Credit Union leaders believed there was a need for an occasion that would bring people together to reflect upon Credit Union history and achievements and to promote the Credit Union idea across the country. By 1971, substantial worldwide credit union progress led to the creation of World Council of Credit Unions to assist others in establishing and maintaining viable Credit Union movements in countries across the globe. Many Credit Unions and leagues began to distribute publications, banners, slogans and kits, and Credit Union Day became an international celebration.

40 years later, we are still celebrating International Credit Union Day and we are grateful to the pioneers of the Credit Union movement for creating an organization which has helped millions of people around the world. But mostly, we are thankful for you, the members of Taleris Credit Union, for your support and continued belief in our philosophies and our mission. Without you, we would not have the opportunity to be celebrating today.



Robin D. Thomas
President / CEO