Just when you thought your computer might be safe (for a minute), there’s more bad news on the “bug” front. Shellshock, the Bash Bug. Experts say it could be worse than Heartbleed. It affects primarily Linux and Mac systems–which means it affects a lot of web servers as well. Taleris is aware of this bug and is already taking steps to make sure it does not affect member’s financial data.

However, computers running Linux or mac operating systems, which includes a lot of web servers and internet “smart devices” could be at risk. Businesses running Linux are beginning comprehensive reviews of systems on their networks, and over the next several days many manufacturers will be releasing patches to address this bug. We encourage you to watch for these patches and apply them as they become available.

For more information, you can do a Google search on the Bash Bug, or CLICK HERE.  The link will open a new window and take you to a site maintained by CNN.com.